Moxibustion Products

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  • Banjokyu – Moxibustion Practice Board (Maple Wood)

    Recommended Product for Moxa Mastery Seminars AUD$ 19.80 (Including GST) Personal Collection Only

  • SuperOntake (Kinseikyu Version)- Large/Super Warm Bamboo for the Kinseikyu method of Structural Balancing Moxibustion

    Recommended Product for Moxa Mastery Seminars AUD$ 16.50 (Including GST) Personal Collection Only

  • Fukayaykyu Takezutsu- Fukaya’s Bamboo Tube for Moxibustion

    Recommended Product for Moxa Mastery Seminars AUD$ 33.00 (Including GST) Personal Collection Only

  • Treasure Book of Points: Fukaya Kyu by Hideo Shinma Sensei

    Recommended Reading for Moxa Mastery Seminars AUD$ 49.50 (Including GST) Personal Collection Only

  • Kobayashi-rouho Shiunko (Moxa Ointment)

    This exclusive Kobayashi-rouho product is the perfect Shiunko (Moxa Ointment) for all of your direct moxibustion needs! The methods of Direct Moxibustion commonly use Shiunko to fulfil a number of important functions: 1. To act as a barrier between direct moxa cones/grains/threads and the skin to protect the skin 2. To assist in allowing the…

  • Miyabi Gold Moxa – Premium Level Direct Moxa

    Specially selected Premium Moxa. Perfect for thread or rice grain moxibustion. This Premium Level Direct Moxa is made from 100% wild-harvested Japanese Artemisia from Niigata Prefecture, refined to the utmost limit (finest 1% of processed raw leaf material) with amazingly fine cellulose creating amazing softness for perfect forming of rice grains or threads, and optimal burning conditions…

  • Japanese Murasaki Purple Incense

    Murasaki Purple Incense is optimally formulated for use in moxibustion and is an exclusive product of Kobayashi-rouho. Made on the island of Awaji in Japan with Japanese Tabu wood, this high-grade purple incense creates a pleasing contrast with the golden colour of high-quality moxa, and has a delicately sweet aroma that patients love. It has…