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Organisation: Qiology
Director + Witness: Peter Scarselletti
Country: Australia


Part 1: Stomach Qi | ANS | Immune: The First Lines of Defence
Sunday 3rd May 2020 | 9am-1pm Sydney Time
(Saturday 2nd May 2020 | 4pm-8pm Los Angeles Time)

Part 2: Kidney | Adrenals | Dan Tien: The Deepest Layers of the Body
Sunday 31st May 2020 | 9am-1pm Sydney Time
(Saturday 30th May 2020 | 4pm-8pm Los Angeles Time)

Part 3: Liver | Gallbladder | Skin: Stagnation & Detoxification
Sunday 14th June 2020 | 9am-1pm Sydney Time
(Saturday 13th June 2020 | 4pm-8pm Los Angeles Time)

Part 4: Cardiovascular System | Spleen | Pancreas: Rhythm & Cycles
Sunday 28th June 2020 | 9am-1pm Sydney Time
(Saturday 27th June 2020 | 4pm-8pm Los Angeles Time)

Part 5: Autoimmune | Advanced/Difficult Cases: Holding it Together!
Sunday 12th July 2020 | 9am-1pm Sydney Time
(Saturday 11th July 2020 | 4pm-8pm Los Angeles Time)

Part 6: Back (Jiaji/Shu Pt) Reinforcing Treatments: We Will Be Back!
Sunday 26th July 2020 | 9am-1pm Sydney Time
(Saturday 25th July 2020 | 4pm-8pm Los Angeles Time)

Course Instructor: Monika Kobylecka

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