Chakra Balancing Sessions

The translation for the term “Chakra” is “wheel” and it represents the major “force centres” within the body. These “force centres” correspond not only to the major endocrine glands in the body, but also have a direct connection to the many levels of body that are beyond the physical realm that most people may perceive. They are likened to an energetic blueprint.

The Chakras when in a state of balance or imbalance, not only affect our body, but certain areas of our life and consciousness, such as survival and finances, sex and sexuality, emotions, intellect and drive, love-relationships, communication ability, the abstract mind, and spirituality. If you feel that you have an area of your life that is not flowing, there is a possibility that you require a series of Chakra Balancing Sessions. These sessions involve a quick diagnostic procedure to determine which Chakras need rebalancing. A special acupuncture treatment is then performed to make the correction. Chakra balancing in the past was usually confined to the work of Pranic healers, or personal work based on chanting and mantra methods from esoteric schools. Thanks to the visionary work of Dr. Mikio Sankey, whom I am fortunate enough to have learnt from, we now have an acupuncture method that quickly and effectively reactivates the inherent blueprint in the Chakra to rebalance itself via the usage of a geometric encoding pattern with acupuncture needles. This system of Chakra treatment is unique, as it uses geometry, a principle that is inherent in all phenomena in the universe to assist the body’s reintegration. The treatment usually lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour, in which the imbalance is diagnosed, the correction is performed, and the client is left to rest while their body’s chakra system reintegrates itself. This type of session is considered essential for those who meditate seriously or those undergoing spiritual practices, but should also be considered a requirement for those who want to assist in achieving the most out of their health and lives. A number of sessions are required so that the body may adapt to its new state of balance.