Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy

Many would have you believe that acupuncture and meridian therapy are about removing blocks of energy and life force, but it is not my job to tell you that. Although that this is not entirely incorrect, it does not convey the depth of how these therapies work to balance the many levels of our being. It is my endeavour to educate my prospective clients about the many ways in which these therapies may regulate the functioning of our bodies, and enrich our lives on many levels.

Our bodies are information carrying systems. In every moment we are gathering information and exchanging it with the universe that we exist in. Additionally, with each moment, every cell, every system, and every organ in our body is exchanging information on some level within our body through a complex network that comprises the nervous system, connective tissues, the circulatory system and other subtle signalling systems. Even through systems that are not currently understood by modern science, information exchange is taking place. This information exchange is necessary for us to exist in the dynamic balance we call life. Just look at how a company is run or a relationship for that matter. When communication breaks down, the people involved cannot do their job properly, or in a relationship the people involved cannot understand each other. If we have an interruption in the communication of the many levels of our body-mind, disease and disharmony quickly follow. In the most accurate sense, acupuncture and meridian therapy are aimed at regulating the body’s information signals and regulatory systems, and assisting the structure of the body to maintain its correct alignment, so that this information can be transferred harmoniously. Sometimes posture, injuries, surgeries (though sometimes necessary), scars, pathogens, or circumstances and interactions in daily life impede the structure and function of our body, changing the way that information is distributed. As a result, our regulatory systems are thrown out of balance, and problems can start occurring in our body and mind that we may be unaware of until too late, as the information that is supposed to be carried around our body harmoniously by our nervous system or our subtle signalling systems begin to fail. This in turn can cause many problems if not corrected. Sometimes it is our regulatory systems such as the nervous system that begin to alter their normal function due to certain factors such as modern lifestyle, emotional issues and stress. All of these above factors bring people in modern society to their current state of being. That is, in a state of wellness, or un-wellness/ disease. Dietary and lifestyle habits also play a very important role, as nutritional information is an extremely important exchange that must take place in the right proportions for the many systems of our body to maintain their ability to fulfil their functions. Furthermore, what we do in our everyday lives effects the functioning of our body-mind. A subtle correction to the information systems can provide us with a nudge in the right direction, allowing our body an opportunity to reintegrate to a healthy balance once again. These corrections that may take a period of time to establish a new state of dynamic balance of health in the body, permeate all areas of our being, helping regulate our body and calm and centre our minds and assist in reducing our stress levels. How much nudging is required, is based solely on how serious someone’s situation is.

Have you allowed it to become serious? Do you even know if you are in a state of imbalance?

There are a number of ways for correcting one’s imbalances using acupuncture and meridian therapy. The most effective change is made when the fundamental imbalance of a client is corrected, allowing the natural healing capabilities of the body to function once again. Everyone, including the healthiest of people have a fundamental imbalance. This is one reason my customers are referred to as “clients” as opposed to “patients.” You don’t have to be sick to require treatment. The fundamental imbalance is the most obvious imbalance in a client’s body structure or information system/meridian system (meridian, meaning energetic/information network) that I determine using a number of diagnostic methods. After this correction is made with acupuncture or meridian therapy (which is usually a process over numerous treatments depending on the severity of the condition), I will proceed to work on other areas of concern during each treatment, until an appropriate resolution in the client’s dynamic balance of health is made. How serious the fundamental imbalance is depends on how serious the interruption of information in the client’s body is, and how long it has remained that way. The longer and more serious means that more work needs to be done to correct the imbalances.

For people that have certain health complaints that they would like to be addressed, it is recommended that they undertake treatment with Focused Sessions. Focused Sessions take approximately 1 hour, and allow me to work through a number of issues intensively during this time, including fundamental imbalances and other symptomatic complaints. If applicable to a client’s health condition, a Chinese Herbal remedy is also recommended, which is available for purchase.

Balancing Sessions are for people that feel that they are relatively healthy, but want to keep their body and mind in good working order. It is common for those clients that have undergone Focused Sessions for a certain space of time, that now want to maintain their state of health to undergo these sessions on a regular or periodic basis. These sessions are also for people who believe that they are healthy and would like to be alerted to any possible inherent problems in their body that they are unaware of. Correcting fundamental imbalances with a simple and effective treatment method is the main goal during a Balancing Session. These sessions can take between 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the correction. I take between 5-15 minutes with the client, and leave them to rest for the remainder of the treatment while their body does the work. The client is notified in advance on the length of time required for the session, so that they may organise their time.