Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a sophisticated system using a number of natural herbal medicines, which are composed into formulas for synergistic effect. These formulas are aimed at correcting dysfunctions in the organs and systems of the body. Sometimes Chinese herbal medicinal therapy is recommended in place of acupuncture and meridian therapy.

I also make Chinese herbal medicine recommendations to clients who are undergoing acupuncture and meridian therapy as part of their treatment, only if I believe they can benefit from the usage of Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is usually considered an essential component in gynaecological and fertility treatment. For people who would like specific Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation, I prescribe formulas based on your body’s individual requirements. A session usually takes 30 minutes to go through medical history and requirements, and prescribe the most effective formula.

All consultations are by appointment only.

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