Integrated Synergy Therapeutics: Foundations of IST + Pain Treatment:

Practical Acu-Zone Therapy & Vital Energy Muscle (VEM) Testing

Presented by Dr Masaaki Nakano

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Online – Recorded in Melbourne Australia, September 2017

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“A Palpation-Based Japanese Acupuncture method that gets instant results for relief of pain and internal conditions with the usage of between 3-8(!!!) needles per treatment, backed up with a real-time efficacy verification method to confirm your correct application of Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions, supplements and dietary advice to achieve rapid healing in your clients/patients. IST is here, and it will change the way you practice”

Peter Scarselletti

Course Preview – Frozen Shoulder Case Study

In Melbourne, Australia, in September 2017, Dr. Masaaki Nakano conducted the foundation seminar of his Integrated Synergy Therapeutics (IST) method, which is primarily based on his unique Practical Acu-Zone Therapy (Palpation-Based Japanese Acupuncture), and also includes Vital Energy Muscle (VEM) Testing, which assists in determining the suitability of therapeutic substances. Qiology recorded this unique seminar to make it easy to access Dr. Nakano’s teaching methods online, no matter where you are in the world.


The Foundations of IST & Pain Treatment recorded seminar provides one with powerful skill sets to dramatically improve their clinical results.

What is “Integrated Synergy Therapeutics (IST)?”

IST is a unique treatment system devised by Dr. Masaaki Nakano, whom over the past 25 years has integrated important concepts from Kiiko Matsumoto and the late Ryosuke Uryu, utilizing 2 core treatment methods to achieve rapid and effective clinical results:

Practical Acu-Zone Therapy:

Practical Acu-Zone Therapy is a Palpation-Based Japanese Acupuncture method that achieves rapid clinical results for pain and internal conditions, treating both root and branch aspects of disorders simultaneously. Based on a deep understanding of the Acupuncture/Channel System, Dermatomes, the Autonomic Nervous System, the Brain Stem and Cranial Nerve functions, this treatment method divides the body into Zones, that are influenced by 25 specific acupuncture points, and therefore uses these acupuncture points alone to achieve its quick and ef- fective results, commonly applying no more than 3-8 needles per treatment to provide a simple and clear healing message that the body can understand. The method also utilizes a gentle and unique “Synergetic Qi” needling technique that is based on the Japanese Hado/Resonance principle.

Vital Energy Muscle (VEM) Testing:

Vital Energy Muscle (VEM) Testing is a unique testing method that bears similarity to O-Ring or Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, but is specifically utilized to accurately test and assist in determining the correct application of Chinese Herbal Medicine prescriptions, nutritional supplements and dietary advice, their precise required dosages, hierarchy of importance in comparison to each other, correct time of termination or modification (after effects have been obtained, and the body no longer needs the substance[s], or now requires another), and even the brand of product, by determining the body’s physical-energetic responses to which it finds the most favourable or unfavourable. In essence, this is a powerful method for accurately prescribing medicinal substances in clinical practice to achieve rapid results. VEM Test also allows the practitioner to diagnostically determine imbalanced organs and systems of the body, and how they progress with continuing treatment.

In combination, the abovementioned IST core treatment methods are quick to learn, and take time to master, but if practiced diligently, they will allow you to achieve rapid and effective clinical results.


“Dr. Masaaki Nakano has a very unique and gentle approach to treatment that he shares wholeheartedly with practitioners and students. His extremely busy, and successful practice is a testament to the effectiveness of his treatments.”

Master Acupuncturist Kiiko Matsumoto


Dr Masaaki Nakano (DOM, L.Ac.)

DrNakano-219x300 Integrated Synergy Therapeutics: Foundations of IST + Pain Treatment:Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Masaaki Nakano originally graduated from Chiba University of Commerce with a Bachelor of Business Administration, prior to moving to the US. He graduated from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico and obtained a Masters in Chinese Medicine in 1990, as well as attending Heilongjiang College of Chinese Medicine in Harbin and Xi Yuan Hospital in Beijing, China. He has also been following the teachings of select Japanese Masters for over 25 years, assisting him to develop his own Style of treatment, Integrated Synergy Therapeutics (IST).

In 1991 Dr. Nakano opened his practice in Las Cruces, New Mexico, that has now been in operation for 29+ years, where he utilizes Integrated Synergy Therapeutics to achieve outstanding results with his patients/clients.





The birth of Integrated Synergy Therapeutics (IST):

Soon after graduating, Dr. Nakano’s encounters with two Japanese Masters shaped how we would practice, forever:

Master Acupuncturist Kiiko Matsumoto led Dr. Nakano on a journey of following her teachings for 25+ years that continue to guide him to this very day.

The late Ryosuke Uryu’s teachings on the Life Energy Test (LET) sent Dr. Nakano down his own path of developing and refining the VEM Test, which he uses to assist his Chinese Herbal Medicine and dietary prescription in clinical practice.

Over 25 years of practice, Integrated Synergy Therapeutics (IST) was born out of the necessity of Dr. Nakano to be able to maintain his high patient load of up to 100 patients/clients per week, by shortening treatment time, whilst maintaining connection with each patient/client, getting effective, quick and lasting results, and minimizing personal fatigue in practice.

On a serendipitous day, many years ago, Dr. Nakano discovered that the acupoint Du 17, when properly needled, was able to release and eliminate pain and tension in the whole spine. After testing its effectiveness on thousands of patients/clients, this opened up a whole new area of discovery, and Dr Nakano began to explore, test, and systematize the effectiveness of 25 specific acupoints on zones of influence that he has mapped out on the body, leading to a minimalistic and clinically effective approach known as Practical Acu-Zone Therapy -a major branch of IST. Combining Practical Acu-Zone Therapy with the other branch of IST, the VEM Test, allows Dr Nakano to quickly and accurately prescribe Chinese Herbal Medicines, supplements and dietary advice to support his acupuncture treatments to achieve rapid clinical results.

In the evolution of IST, another revered Master Acupuncturist also played an important role for Dr. Nakano, specifically in realizing the necessity of teaching IST to practitioners and students. The late Master Kiyoshi Nagano (introduced to Dr. Nakano by Kiiko Mastumoto) prior to his passing, despite his ailing health, allowed Dr. Nakano the privilege of shadowing him in his clinic in Ooita, Japan for a day. Apart from observing impossible clinical results, learning unique insights on Stomach Qi, GB26’s unique location, Kidney Deficiency and Immunity Issues, one conversation lay etched forever in Dr Nakano’s mind: Dr. Nakano had asked Master Nagano why he was so generous sharing his knowledge with a stranger, who had very little knowledge of Nagano Style Acupuncture. Master Nagano answered: “ I can only treat people in Ooita. Once you study this art well, you can treat more patients in your town. Upon mastering this skill, please teach this art to others in order to take as much pain out of as many people as possible.”

These words, in the spirit of Master Nagano have guided Dr. Nakano over the years not only in practice, yet in the forming of IST into a system that may be generously taught to and shared with practitioners and students across the globe in seminars, and by using IST teaching materials (books + DVDs) so that Dr. Nakano may extend his healing impact to as many people as possible, like Master Nagano had suggested.


“Out of all Qiology seminars to date, Dr. Nakano’s seminars have produced some of the most inspiring feedback emails from past attendees after returning to clinic, with sheer fascination at how well his methods work for treating pain with instant and lasting clinical results…”

Peter Scarselletti | Director of Qiology


“You can learn everything about a formula, herb, supplement, food or super-food for that matter, but if the body does not respond well to that substance, it will not be assisted by its application. VEM Testing teaches you how to determine the correct application of therapeutic substances for each patient at that exact moment in their journey to health.”

This curriculum is designed to rapidly build the skills of practitioners and students in the diagnostic and treatment methods of IST. The Curriculum allows attendees to gain rapid competency in the techniques, to start achieving instant results in clinic, but it should be understood that the techniques, although quick to learn, take time to develop and master.

According to Dr. Nakano, treating pain effectively is one of the most important aspects to be taught first as a large percentage of patients seek our care for pain relief. Learning to deal with these conditions effectively is of primary importance, not only for our patients’ health, but for the health of our businesses.

Foundations of IST + Pain Treatment:

Practical Acu-Zone Therapy (Palpation-Based Japanese Acupuncture) & Vital Energy Muscle (VEM) Testing

Dr. Masaaki Nakano teaches core theoretical, diagnostic and treatment principles from Integrated Synergy Therapeutics (IST) encompassing the 2 core treatment methods of IST- Practical Acu-Zone Therapy & Vital Energy Muscle (VEM) Testing using a combination of lecture, demonstration and hands-on components to effectively meet these requirements. The recorded seminar is structured in a creative format, so both core treatment methods are introduced on the first day, so they may be refined, developed and built upon over the 3-day recording so that people have a high level of competence at the end of the course. Online Attendees will have the ability to apply techniques learned directly on returning to clinic to achieve rapid and effective clinical results. Pre-reading of the textbook is recommended.

Content of this 3-day recorded seminar:

Practical Acu-Zone Therapy || VEM Testing


Foundations of Practical Acu-Zone Therapy, Acu-Zones, Acupuncture/Channel System, Dermatomes, the Autonomic Nervous System, the Brain Stem and Cranial Nerve functions, the 25 Acupoints of Practical Acu- Zone Therapy, Point locations and alternative locations.

Foundations of VEM Testing, VEM Testing system, concepts, theory and basics, applications, preparation for testing, location of testing points to determine internal disorders, and scope of testing.


Analysing areas of chief complaint and adjacent areas, “Thinking in Zones,” diagnosis by palpation, meth- ods of palpation, principle evaluation zones, Neck palpation (SCM Zones 1-4, Trapezius Zones 1-4) Abdom- inal palpation (Organ representation zones) and Back palpation (Upper Jiao Area, Middle Jiao Area, Lower Jiao Area, Sacro-Iliac Joint Area), thermal palpation of the feet, phases of palpation, order of palpation.

VEM Testing methods and techniques, Polarity Test, Cervical Vertebrae Test, The Thymus Gland, Assisted testing, Testing Interpretations (Levels 0-4), testing substance/prescription/supplement/food suitability and utilizing testing points to diagnose internal disorders.


Concept of Synergetic Qi and Synergetic Qi Needle Technique, direction of needling, Technique/Qi of Practitioner, Additional Skill- Connection Technique, Hado/Resonance Principle, touching the location of the problem area(Synergetic Touch), Point selection palpation/effective point-location, “Treating in Zones,” Order of treatment (Inside-Out Flow Principles) Acu-Zone Treatment Part 1: Essential Treatment (Yin + Yang Essential Points), Acu-Zone Treatment Part 2: Support Treatment, Acu-Zone Treatment Part 3: Synthesis Treatment, Acupuncture Treatment Suggested Strategies, Supine/Prone/Lateral Recumbent Treatment Positions, Walk-through of Acupuncture Treatment, Case Studies, Heat Therapy in Treatment, Post-Acupuncture Treatment Fine-Tuning and care.

Herbal Prescription/Supplementation Process, General Herbal Prescription Template, the hierarchy of application, dosage, time of termination/modification, practical application in clinic, Walk-through of VEM Test, Case Studies.

Case study demonstrations on attendees and demonstration of difficult cases, focusing on pain-related disorders, with local patients that were brought in by attendees for Dr. Nakano to treat

This seminar does not have a pre-requisite, therefore those without prior studies may attend (and are recommended to)



Practical Acu-Zone Therapy & Vital Energy Muscle (VEM) Testing

Presented by Dr Masaaki Nakano

365 Days Access + Course Quiz + Downloadable CPD Certificate upon completion

16 Contact Hours- 16 Formal CPD Points

CPD approved/pre-approved by AACMA | Acupuncture NZ | NZASA

Online – Recorded in Melbourne Australia, September 2017

AU$700.00 +$70GST (GST applicable on orders from Australia only)

Which practitioners/students will benefit from attending Dr. Nakano’s courses?

  • Those wishing to maximize their clinical results whilst minimizing the number of acupuncture needles used per treatment.
  • Practitioners and students wishing to learn skills to achieve rapid and effective pain relief in their patients/clients (Over 80% pain relief in a single treatment).
  • Practitioners and students wishing to learn to apply intention in their treatments with a unique needling technique.
  • Those wishing to simplify their process of acupoint selection, whilst understanding a new perspective of “zones of influence” to inform their treatments.
  • Practitioners and students wishing to learn palpation methods as a major form of diagnosis for their treatments.
  • Those wishing to use effective acupuncture techniques to treat pain and organ conditions.
  • Those wishing to learn a kinesiology based method of diagnosing areas of dysfunction in the organs and systems of the body.
  • Those wishing to utilize a method of testing the body’s response in real-time to Chinese herbal formulas and supplements to confirm their applicability, thus connecting more with what the patient/ client requires through direct feedback to achieve effective clinical results.
  • Practitioners and students wishing to prescribe herbal medicines/supplements relying more on the patients’/clients’ feedback as opposed to a “cerebral-only” approach.


Integrated Synergy Therapeutics: Foundations of IST + Pain Treatment

Presented by: Dr Masaaki Nakano

Recorded in Melbourne, September 2017

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